The Rifles new single: ‘Minute Mile’

The Rifles new single, ‘Minute Mile, can be checked out here:

With 5 albums spanning 7 years the Rifles are now mainstays of Britain’s thriving indie rock. Unlike allot of what’s coming out the indie music scene at the moment the Rifles represent the more muscular side of the UK genre.Image

Songs like ‘Heebie Jeebies’ and their hit ‘Local Boy’ a pretty tight rhythmic pieces with prominent guitar riffs reminiscent of the Libertines, early Jam and maybe some of Oasis in there too.

Their influences are no real surprise since they have been quoted saying Oasis inspired them to make music and they have recorded much of their music Paul Weller’s Black Barn Studios.

Their new track, ‘Minute Mile’, is more of the same (no bad thing) with a very Strokes influenced intro and baseline with even a bit of Doves present in the building tambourine laden chorus.

Minute Mile’ precedes the release of their new album ‘None the Wiser’, out on January 20th 2014, produced by Dave McCracken (Ian Brown) and mixed by Steve Harris (Miles Kane) and Mike Crossey (Jake Bugg/1975).

Tickets for their November tour are available at


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