Den Haag head into the ‘Bleak Unknown’ with their 2nd release

Den Haag Bleak UnknownFollowing the release of EP ‘Trials & Tributes’ in 2012, Post-Punk/Coldwave devotees Den Haag closed 2013 by announcing the arrival of their new album ‘Bleak Unknown’.

Available January 2014, the album sees the return of their varied take on punk etiquette, from the straight up energy of ‘London Way’ to the more spaced out likes of ‘Nobodyism’. The nine song collection represents a real step forward for the South East four piece, bringing their trademark cynicism to a varied collection that is, by turns, both contemplative and balls out rock.

Haunted video:

Founded on a mutual love of 80’s New Wave music, Den Haag are a band who are sure of their core sound but not afraid to explore new territory as well, making for a varied and compelling album.

Released through Zorch Factory Records and Kroosafix records, the album will be available to stream for free, with a higher quality version available for purchase on iTunes. It’s a double release method that worked well with ‘Trials & Tributes’, and stands the band in good stead as they continue to grow.


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