Midlands rock Band sign with Small Town Records!


Small Town Records have now signed the Midlands based rock group, Lock & Key.

Lock & Key are a band who have been together no longer than 5 months, but have already whet the appetite with their raw and honest brand of Hardcore, on debut tracks ‘So Alone’ (garnering 78,000 YouTube views) and ‘No Acceptance’ (23,000 in a month).

The real reaction online is born from the intense and already fairly relentless touring. To use the phrase passionate live performances would be a disservice. Frontman Richard Lardner says; “I know every band says it but we’ve all been through some rough times and our sole aim at every show is trying to get the audience to feel at least a part of the songs.  I always hope there’s someone who sees the message within the lyrics.”

A message the band has already carried across the UK and mainland Europe alongside names such as Deez Nuts, Devil In Me, Demoraliser, Despite My Deepest Fear, Dead Harts, Broken Teeth etc.

The band will release their debut EP on Small Town Records in the coming months.

No acceptance the bands latest single, demonstrates style, class and a clash of guitars and percussion instruments. The video is masterfully put together. They freeze the music to build dramatic tension at the beginning, before unleashing the floodgates of hell upon your eardrums with the vocalist leading the screaming charge. Also, there is a pretty slaughterous guitar solo throughout the song, check out the video below!

Lock and Key – No Acceptance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QYghq1XUjM

Like them on Facebook for more Godly Guitar Instrumentals and Screaming!



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