Caught in the Street, by Warner Music Group




A Cambridge Busker releases new single after catching the attention of Warner Music Group.

Having found love from his art form and huge success on the independent music scene; perforating at venues such as Rivolli Rooms and the Twinwood Festival. Si is now looking to emphasise on his past experience performing live to passers by on the street, by partnering with the Warner Music Record label.

Some of the more recent events were appearing on Terry Wogans Show during a live session and featuring the Radio 2’s Playlist.

His vintage sound has seen him rise to the pseudonym, ‘King of all things vintage’ and has brought him a great deal of success on the street of Cambridge so far.  The latest single is called ‘Caught in the Moonlight’ and has a sweet and smooth sound. His lyrics roll off the tongue and give you that summer festival feeling. Clap your hands and enjoy this brilliant summer song!

Tell us what you think of Caught in the Moonlight in the Comments. Also if you get a chance share this video with your friends and family, to brighten up their summer holidays.

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