Solar Halo’s goes in with a split EP


Solar Halos will release a split EP with Irata. The 10″ isn’t out on Devouter Records, but we are still supporting the release and Solar Halos.

Being practically neighbours in North Carolina, and both eager to show their outstanding progress in such a short space of time it seemed only natural for Irata and Solar Halos to join forces with CrimsonEye Records and create one of the most exciting splits of 2014. Knowing this to be the ideal time for the two bands to collaborate, CrimsonEye Records are eager not just for NC, but for everyone to fix their ears on this new fantastic blend.

Phillip Cope of Kylesa helped to produce Iratas’ track, while Kris Hilbert of Legitimate Business worked on Solar Halos’. Both songs have been combed through with expert precision, with every single note bringing that much more weight to the unforgettable song. Not only this, but the invincible musician/producer James Plotkin masters it so when it hits your ears, it explodes with intense volume.

With a magnetic sound as imposing and radiant as their celestial namesake, the trio from Chapel Hill, North California named SOLAR HALOS provide a kaleidoscope of textures and enterprise which ignites the imagination. Solar Halos is the portrait of the united invention of former Horseback and Curtains of Night guitarist/vocalist NORA ROGERS, Fin Fang Foom bassist EDDIE SANCHEZ, and drummer JOHN CROUCH of Horseback and Caltrop. The threesome draw on previous experiences to cast fresh new evocative explorations; With a uniquely expressive psychedelic tone, Doom bred shadows also join the coaxing beneath the eerie tones of Rogers, with her charmed guitar narratives that feed the senses alongside the vast rhythms of Crouch and the bass engraving of Sanchez, the three join together to create something immersive and enchanting.

The Debut release “Demos” in 2012 were an instant success, with Metal Hammer (UK) calling it a ‘Thunderous and Soulful yet equally dark and narcotic Heavy Psych’, it made a real impression. This response created a potent base with which the band evolved leading into their Devouter Records released selftitled album at the beginning of this year which was also an immediate sensation, becoming a magnet for fans and the critical media, and described as ‘one of the first great adventures of 2014’. Discography:

2012 Demos

2014 s/t LP/CD on Devouter Records

2014 split 10″ on Crimson Eye Records

Pete RingMaster

Label owner Brian Mitchell sums up the magnitude of Irata with the description of them dwelling ‘in the world where drone, post rock, and metal unite into a giant monster…’ The razor sharp guitar riffs layered over top heavy, brooding grooves and faultless technical precision are all part of this trio’s extraordinary repertoire. One of the things that makes this three-piece band so unique is the unlikely amalgamation of musicians from such different backgrounds; Despite the varying upbringings, they all have the same mindset, each being completely unconcerned with music trends, or really anything other than making skull crushing music. Jon Case has a monstrous bass tone that descends into hypnotic rhythms. Whilst Jason Ward’s drumming is done with outstanding precision and energy, the guitar playing by Cheryl Hall is aggressive and shamelessly punishes the rhythm section with sweltering dynamics and muscular riffs. If this musical assembly wasn’t enough, there are exceptional vocals provided by Case and Ward which have a way of punching you in the stomach and leaving you short of breath.

Irata’s 2012 EP release ‘Vultures’ has been an unexpected pandemic, quietly and systematically assaulting the eastern United States. Mike Wood at Fox Digitalis describes it as ‘…a perfect EP. It gets in and out fast, but uses its time wisely…’ Their newest release will be released in mid 2014 on Crimson Eye Records. A single on 10” vinyl split; sharing the medium are Chapel Hill giants Solar Halos.


2010 SelfTitled

LP/CD on Silber Records

2012 Vultures EP/CD/vinyl on pig08pig Records

2014 10” split on Crimson Eye Records

DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS ALBUM! This is without a doubt one of the best stoner metal splits of 2014, equipped with all of the qualities needed to be a successful and impressionable. It will be an unforgettable audio experience and one you won’t be able to get out of your head. This album is fresh and exciting and has the power to stay on the turntables for the rest of the year.


Solar Halos will release a split EP with Irata. The 10″ isn’t out on Devouter Records, but we are still supporting the release and Solar Halos.


Here is a Soundcloud link to listen to the album:

Contact Crimson Eye for the album:

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