Netherlands rockers W.A.L.E. release solid new album ‘Come Together’

WALE pic

Formed in 2000 as The Earl Grey Band, these fun Netherlands rockers have been slowly making a name for themselves over the years. They’ve since toured in America and gained the support from the likes of 10CC and Status Quo. Under their new moniker, W.A.L.E (which I’ve come to learn is a playful combination of the two founding member’s last names, W de WAij and Van LEuwen) they’ve now aimed their sights on the UK, releasing this stunning guitar record Come Together.

The album is a well-balanced mix of loud and soft. Sweet, breezy ballads like ‘Another Wonderful Day’ and ‘There’s no other one like you’ are contrasted with upbeat crowd-pleasers like ‘Taxman’ and ‘On your way’. Come Together is definitely an album for rock traditionalists, sporting epic but tasteful guitar solos and an impressively rich vocal tone. The Tom Petty influence is clear. However, there are hints of other musical inspirations along the way, ‘I’m In Love With You’ featuring some cheery horns and a bubbly groove that reminds me of The Beatles song ‘Come Together’ (after which I’m sure this album is named!).

Overall, this is a solid album from the Dutch rock group. Guitar-lovers worldwide should be giving these guys a listen.


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