Empowering anthem ‘Leave Me To Me’


Karmilla’s folk-rock new track ‘Leave Me To Me’job 178463 038Karmilla’s folk-rock new track ‘Leave Me To Me’ fits perfectly into the constantly expanding alternative scene whilst still capturing the style of ‘Old age brit-pop’ from bands such as Oasis. Her sound and audience are very focused allowing Karmilla to create a strong song that will stand up well in today’s music scene.

The upbeat and fresh style of ‘Leave Me To Me’ is certainly an empowering anthem which draws the listener in with its smooth vocals and punchy beat.

Remaining genuine and unchanged by her fame, her raw lyrics show her natural roots and experiences of intimate gigs and small festivals making her captivating. These elements are proof that Karmilla has succeeded in creating a timeless track suggesting she is likely to have much success in the future. The lyrics are easily relatable, proving that at times it can be difficult to be alone but it can be a radical necessity.









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