Glorious Emotive Anthem From Next Superstar Alternative Metal Band We Are The Catalyst

Featuring guitar textures that are totally unparalleled by nearly every other band of the genre We Are The Catalyst have got a unique sound purely just from the sheer scale of their guitar production. Taking them to a new level though are the immense female vocals that sit on top of the intense low backing. Effortlessly the vocal delivery imparts a great deal of emotion upon the audience, though I feel this track is best appreciated alone. That being said the anthem like sound of it all means that the track would be felt and shown in terms sheer synergy and harmonious movement at any huge rock festival.

With the interesting use of modern synthesis the track has more commercial potential than most current metal bands particular with their female vocals. The catchy backing vocal/speech motifs in the breakdowns keep people on their toes waiting for the next huge explosion of sound and emotion. Staying true to their vision and their name, We Are The Catalyst have created another moving and stunning piece of globally tangible music. Through the medium of music they have been able to create music that people can listen to, relate to and release their stresses and pains.

Fantastically produced, mixed and mastered, the sonic side of this track is nothing short of excellent. With no pumping or artefacts from over distortion the real skill and intelligence of this band is displayed. Especially with guitars and vocals as huge as theirs its incredible that they could fit the punchy drums in.


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