Leat Haber – Wait For Me Review


With a great video, that was actually funded by a crowd funding page, Leat introduces us to her new single Wait For Me, be prepared to be taken back to the era of real music, the 50s’ and 60s’ inspired track really does transport you, Leat even uses vintage recording techniques to recreate that authentic sound.

Leat could easily be compared to greats such as Amy Winehouse, Duffy and similar artists, with the tone of her voice they are easily comparible.

Leat is a self-proclaimed feminist and independent woman, and is very typically Israelian, a strong woman, this may also be because she spent two years in the army as it is mandatory in Israel, it  also comes across in her music and performance style, even performing at eight and a half months pregnant whilst a war started in Israel, sirens went off before the performance warning them, but in her own words Leat explains ‘as I was so far along with my pregnancy, I couldn’t delay, and although we had a war outside, the club was full of people, it was a night to remember.’

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