‘Get Beyond’ – The Dream Like, Euphoric Music Trip by John Dylan

To say that this is his first solo venture, John Dylan has managed to put his best foot forward. ‘Get beyond’ is our first glimpse into his upcoming album: ‘Peripheral Drift Illusion’, and what a beautiful glimpse it is. From the outset we are lifted by electronic waves of gentle guitar tones supported by the catchy rhythmic rumble of drums and bass. The electronic-funk introduction, with its psychedelic undertone, carries us to John Dylan’s expert, intricate and soul-filled guitar skills, serving to build that unique sound that the track boasts.

These enchanting isolated guitar notes perfectly introduce us to John’s excellent falsetto vocals, which are then once again accompanied by the earth-rumbling bass and drums, creating a sound that you can’t help but love. The funk of the bass interlaced with electronic, dreamy vocals and lyrics creates a stunning, unique sound.

I think that it is this unique sound that truly captures John’s attitude to life, he notes that ‘there are hopeful moments in the form of songs like ‘Get Beyond’, where I encourage myself to get out of bed and come out of hiding into the world’, this is reflected in the euphoric, laid-back but emotional sound within ‘Get Beyond’ that empowers us to do the same.

The magnificent sound that ‘Get beyond’ captures, is an exciting, alluring taste of whats to come with his new album ‘Peripheral Drift Illusion’, I can’t wait to hear what other genres and styles he explores next.

Catch the song here:


Find out more about John Dylan here:




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