‘Luna Blue’ and Their New, Funk-Infused ‘Borrowed Words’

Brighton based band Luna Blue and their new track ‘Borrowed Words’ bring a refreshing, original take on the musical world. The funky, complex bass riffs carry the excellent lead vocals through a stream of rhythmic guitar tones and grounding drum beats.

Tom High’s strong vocals and occasional beautiful falsetto detours, combined with brilliant control and his professional rhythmic guitar skills give the lyrics an elegant presentation, allowing us to really hear every lyric and its meaning. They capture us within the catchy, funky beat until we can’t help but sing along. They are joined by the the bouncy bass tones from Nick Davie securing that original foot-tapping sound that we can’t stop listening to.

With the help of an excellent music video, and the rhythmic sound that this single has produced, you can really see, and hear, the energy and the atmosphere that this band is trying and very much succeeding to capture. It’s an atmosphere of relaxed chaos. The combination of the occasional falsetto vocals contrasting with upbeat drum and bass work perfectly to create an atmosphere of a relaxing carefree, but fun, time, something we are constantly searching for within out busy lives.

Luna Blue’s single ‘Borrowed Words’ is an exciting sound that I can’t wait to hear more from in their upcoming EP ‘Nightjar’, which I’m sure will boast an excellent, energetic atmosphere, and more of the bands mind blowing guitar, bass and drum skills.

Catch their exciting single ‘Borrowed Words’ here:

Find out more about Luna Blue here:

https://www.facebook.com/weareLunaBlue/ https://twitter.com/LunaBlue_Music https://www.instagram.com/lunablueofficial/ https://www.lunablueofficial.com/https://soundcloud.com/lunablueofficial https://open.spotify.com/artist/71jXlesSMotAtJXLCWpvzo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVkV54sLs9_A9tc93CzIx9A

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