The Sheratons and the Return of the Paisley Underground

Hooray! The Sheratons, we’re hearing, are heralding the return of The Paisley Underground, the indie-pop movement that actually WAS crying out for resurrection. Better Days has all the hallmarks of the unassuming, yet sparkly scene that politely excused itself during the 1980s and has been meekly waiting to be invited back in again. First have a listen to their cracking new song, then investigate our recommendations for other Paisley Power Pop Princes and Princesses

  • The Three O’Clock. Not our favourites, we must confess but even the name of the genre started with them, a causal remark in an interview. That’s how wars start.
  • Ah, the ever-jangleful Rain Parade, a band around whom many others in the scene seemed magnetically, if not literally connected to
  • Dream Syndicate. Still going! See the smashing clip of them playing with Led Zep’s John Paul Jones earlier this year. Trippier than many of their kin but well-worth investigating.
  • The Bangles. Yes, them. Not only a none-more 80s chart-topping outfit but a damn fine live band and a fully-fledged paid up member of the Paisley Underground, performing with all the aforementioned bands in recent years on reunion tours. Here’s a nice early clip:
  • …and here’s your wildcard. Thin White Rope are a band so worthy of reappraisal, we might start posting about them on a weekly basis. Not only were they dyed-in-the-wool Paisley, they are arguably one of the most important bands in the forming of Desert Rock, which gave birth to the likes of Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age.

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