Nave Blues Are Using One Tool To Change Your Percetion Of Blues

You don’t often see a Harmonica as being the main focus of a bands music, but Nave Blues are changing it up, using the old to lay down the fresh sounds of the new.

Nave Blues are a band from Norway, with lead singer and harmonica player Nave Pundik leading the way. From an early age, Nave has always been a fan of the unique and different styles of bands such as Led Zeppelin, SuperTramp, Howlin Wolf, and Little Walter. Nave Blues have released songs for people to listen to, and with this, Nave plans to take his new, harmonica based music to the world with the  sounds that will invigorate everyone’s outlook on the blues.

From a delicate and thoughtful rendition of ‘Sitting on top of the world’, to moody track ‘The Ghost Collector’ brought to you from Nave himself. Their latest single ‘Posses you’ has been released and is available on YouTube, Soundcloud and other music streaming platforms.

This band is sure to be a band to watch out for in the near future.




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