There’s A Lot Of Anger Coming From Anarchy Reigns


If your sick of Liars, Upset, politics and economic stress, Hitch and the boys in Anarchy Reigns are here to let that rage out.

Hitch, Joedy (Guitarist), Wally, Andy (Drummer) are included in this monumental unity. And with no strings attached, no cons, no upset and no bad blood, Anarchy reigns set to bring you the most honest and real takes on current events, with heavy distortion to accompany.


Anarchy Reigns bring you a mix of lyrical content that will resonate with all, as well as possessing the fire of Rammstein styled guitar work, with catchy chorus’ and hooks for all music lovers.

Lead singer and writer Hitch has been doing music properly ever since he saw Genesis a few years ago. While he was watching, he was rocking the air guitar, when his wife said “why don’t you learn guitar properly”. And that’s where this whole crazy thing started.

So be sure to check them and all their rage out:


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