Massive Attack Meet a Prodigy on Somewhere Somebody

Having achieved more than his allotted 15 minutes of fame when a YouTube video of him singing Adele’s Hello went ballistic, garnering nearly 3.5 million views, Tryzdin Grubbs can be forgiven for thinking that his brush with fame was nice whilst it lasted. However, a visit from Saint Mars front man, Marc Darchange, inquiring as to whether he’d be interested in collaborating on a track for their next album, has lead to Tryzdin becoming a full-time front man for the band.

Following their critically acclaimed 2017 EP, Ocean Blues, Saint Mars have now released their latest single, Somewhere Somebody, part of their forthcoming concept album centered on the true story of one 13 year-old boy’s tragic experience as a result of sustained bullying. The track, and the album as a whole, is given an entirely more sobering slant with the knowledge that Tryzdin himself has found how physically and emotionally damaging bullying can be. With the band also featuring long-term Massive Attack guitarist, Angelo Bruschini, Somewhere Somebody is a powerful, intoxicating experience, with a video which emphasises the impact bullying can have on peoples’ lives.

Saint Mars comprise keyboardist and singer, Marc Darcange; guitarist/bassist, Angelo Bruschini; bassist, keyboardist and singer, Jason X (ex-Transposer) and latest recruit Tryzdin. Tryzdin caught Marc’s attention along the way via the video and led to him flying from Switzerland to Columbus in America with the intention of recording just one track – six tracks later, it became clear that the parallels between the boy around whom the concept album revolves and Tryzdin were startling, from his age to his personal experiences.

Somewhere Somebody showcases Tryzdin’s mature, yearning vocals alongside some almost liquid-like keyboard atmospherics and chiming guitar. The forthcoming video reinforces the song’s narrative of the 13 year-old boy looking for love via his mobile phone, only to realise that he must love himself first. The single also features an acoustic version of Saint Mars’ first single, Ocean Blues, and a Vantablack remix of Somewhere Somebody and will appear on the album, Celesteville, to be released later in 2018.







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