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The Sheratons and the Return of the Paisley Underground

Hooray! The Sheratons, we’re hearing, are heralding the return of The Paisley Underground, the indie-pop movement that actually WAS crying out for resurrection. Better Days has all the hallmarks of the unassuming, yet sparkly scene that politely excused itself during the 1980s and has been meekly waiting to be invited back in again. First have a listen to their cracking new song, then investigate our recommendations for other Paisley Power Pop Princes and Princesses

  • The Three O’Clock. Not our favourites, we must confess but even the name of the genre started with them, a causal remark in an interview. That’s how wars start.
  • Ah, the ever-jangleful Rain Parade, a band around whom many others in the scene seemed magnetically, if not literally connected to
  • Dream Syndicate. Still going! See the smashing clip of them playing with Led Zep’s John Paul Jones earlier this year. Trippier than many of their kin but well-worth investigating.
  • The Bangles. Yes, them. Not only a none-more 80s chart-topping outfit but a damn fine live band and a fully-fledged paid up member of the Paisley Underground, performing with all the aforementioned bands in recent years on reunion tours. Here’s a nice early clip:
  • …and here’s your wildcard. Thin White Rope are a band so worthy of reappraisal, we might start posting about them on a weekly basis. Not only were they dyed-in-the-wool Paisley, they are arguably one of the most important bands in the forming of Desert Rock, which gave birth to the likes of Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age.
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Review: Kid Kapichi’s ‘Waster’ is Set to Dominate Your Sound Systems


Kid Kapichi’s new track ‘Waster’ is mammoth anthem that will have you turning up the volume on your stereo and blaring out the melodies.

This years summer tune came from UK’s Kid Kapichi, who’s mix of influences, drawn from artists such as Queens of the stone age, Royal blood and Ratboy, this four-piece have made it known that their time is now.

This sing-a-long instalment is a fresh yet instant classic in the underground rock scene. Its use of melody and hook’s are heard clearly in the chorus and the opening chant. The opening riff is a blast, that greets the soft, laidback in instrumentation and vibe of the verse, however the chorus is another punch, with full band and vocal melodies taking you on the ultimate rock and roll ride.

The song itself playfully looks at the idea of ‘partying youth’. “On the surface it’s basically about getting messed up and partying, but more deeply there’s a meaning that our generation are constantly looked down at and referred to as a lost cause, partly from living in such a difficult time for opportunity”. Kid Kapichi explain. This is a very special and forward topic, which effects so many young people, and forever will as there will never be a shortage of teenage angst, in which Kid Kapichi provide the perfect soundtrack to.

Be sure to check them out!









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Disturbing new Video from Mavis Victory Project. We Like!

Blimey. We didn’t expect that. On paper, the inventively-monikered Mavis Victory Project come across as a bit Arctic Monkeys – edgy without being sharp enough to cut yourself particularly seriously. We may have been mistaken.

We’re not entirely certain we know what’s going on in the video. The singer, one of four brothers in the band, starts off horizontal, much in the same way he sings but he seems to have invited some unusual friends over. If they were banning videos purely for being suggestive, this would have to be buried at sea. Somehow, even though it’s largely down to some saucy looks given by the ladies in the video, we feel utterly filthy. What’s happened to us?!

As we progress, we end up in a warehouse populated with torch-bearing hooded sorts with the odd flag being wafted. We’ve gone on holiday by mistake, as it says in the film. Has this anything to do with the song or is the whole thing signing us up for conscription to a life in a dodgy cult. We’re going along with it, anything for a bit of sleaze.


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‘Belinda’ by vintage-rockers Albino

London based vintage rock band Albino are hitting us with their new track ‘Belinda’, taken from their whiskey fuelled new album Night At The Chemist.

Yes that was whiskey! Albino’s main aim is to entertain with their rambunctious, often humorous ‘drinking’ music.

Their latest track ‘Belinda’ exudes this throwback, vintage feel that sounds like it could have come straight out of the 60’s.

Consisting of Ben Tucker (guitar/vocals), Merv ‘Fuzzy’ Salole (Bass), Gareth ‘gwEM’ Morris (guitar) and Don Gibson (percussion), Albino’s sole aim is to entertain with their rambunctious, often humorous ‘drinking’ music. As the main songwriter in the outfit, Ben is the driving inspirational force, tapping into a deep well of life experiences that draw on topics as diverse as love, deviancy, distrust of priests, historical events and of course, drinking.

Since they began in 2005, Albino has undergone a musical metamorphosis, travelling a long way from their humble beginnings, but now, the off-the-wall band has cemented their style and truly found their own sound. Whilst Albino’s eclectic and multi-talented musical line up has changed over the years, this latest track proves their musical direction, commitment and energy has always remained constant.

You can check out more on Albino here:



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Eden Royals Return with New EP

Essex based indie-pop quartet, Eden Royals, are back exploring the ‘getting by’ lifestyle of the everyday in their new EP, Time Won’t Wait.

It’s been over a year since the band last released a track, but they’ve stuck to their guitar led sound, full of pop hooks and nifty musicianship. All this paired with the well-crafted lyrics of front-man, Lloyd Buck, make for a potent musical combination.

Over the past year, the boys have been touring in America with 90s cult band, Third Eye Blind, and they’ve even performed on the same stage as Bastille and King Krule back in 2015 at Liverpool Sound City Festival. Constantly building their live experiences, you know that Eden Royals will be set to share their new EP on the stage when it comes out March 10th.

With varying musical backgrounds, the boys each bring something different to the set up of the band. John has experience playing in a Beatles tribute band, whilst Lloyd has found fame featuring in music videos for Paul McCartney and Pete Doherty. However, as a band, Eden Royals have seen themselves on BBC Introducing Essex and This Morning.

The EP isn’t out yet but you can watch the video for Eden Royals’ last single ‘Close To The Sun’ here:




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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah announce new album and release single ‘Fireproof’

Indie rock group Clap Your Hands Say Yeah announce their new album ‘The Tourist’ set to drop February 24th. To build the excitement even more, the group have decided to share their first single ‘Fireproof’.

Frontman Alec Ounsworth says “I wanted to experiment with packing lyrics. On this album, the lyrics and vocal melody effectively carry the songs, maybe more than anything else.”

Listen to ‘Fireproof’ here:


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The Sherlocks release indie dance floor filler ‘Will You Be There?’

The Sheffield 4-piece band consisting of two sets of brothers, The Sherlocks, have just released their new single ‘Will You Be There?’ on 15th September. The lads have stood out since day one by being the first unsigned band since Arctic Monkeys to sell out their local venue the Sheffield Leadmill.

‘Will You Be There?’ is a definite indie dance floor filler with a prominent drum beat, heavy guitar riffs and catchy chorus.

Drummer Brandon Cook describes the track as being; “about the notion of when you’re doing well and everybody wants to know you and cling on to you… As opposed to when you’re going through a rough time and most people jump off board and forget you. Who will be the ones still with you because they truly believe in what you’re doing as much as you? ‘Will You Be There?’ seemed like the title to sum the whole meaning up really.”


 Tour Dates:

14TH – Nottingham Rescue Rooms – SOLD OUT

15th – Liverpool Arts Club – SOLD OUT

16th – Manchester Ritz  – SOLD OUT

19th – Stoke Sugarmill  – SOLD OUT

20th – Leeds Wardrobe – SOLD OUT

22nd – Stockton-On-Tees   Ku Bar  – SOLD OUT