‘Y’all ready for some SHREDDIN’?’ – An Introduction to the new kids on the block that are about to ROCK your world’

Ben Katzman’s Degreaser are everything that is right with the world right now, so if you haven’t heard of them, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? The band pray to the ‘shred’ gods every night, and intend to get you onboard with their extra-heavy guitar tones and exciting riffs.


Formed in 2014 as per their website “amidst the dirt and frenzy of Boston’s electric DiY community” *quickly googles what that means* Degreaser is a “Lovechild” of one Ben Katzman. Ben self confesses his lust for all things Metal, explaining that his main influences are “KISS, Van Halen and The Ramones”

Luckily, we were able to have a quick chat with Ben Katzman who explained that;

“I always push for the ideology that the only way to be cool is to be yourself. These days technical skill is missing from rock, and rock takes itself too seriously. I want people to know you can still have a good time while playing music and that you shouldn’t afraid to be yourself.”

The band themselves ooze personality, which is one main reason they standout over the rest. Of course, their undoubtable musical talent and ability to shred is something they pride themselves upon in a very humble manner, but their ability to come across as ‘quirky’ and ‘fun’ is an excellent trait to have.


Dude? You don’t know what shredding is? Do you even, bro? – These are all keywords in the vocabulary of a average full-time ‘shredder’. The art of shredding comes from the Metal Scene and is a term used to describe very fast, intricate styles of play on the guitar. Therefore, it’s clear why Degreaser use this term so much to describe themselves, as their tracks emit so much they’d give a paper shredder a good run for it’s money.


Ben Katzman was able to explain in an interview that he wasn’t always the quirky, happy-go-lucky guy he is now, and in-fact, it was his “anger issues and temper problems” that stemmed from not being able to be express his personality that defined him. From a young age, he was able to convert this anger, into writing and was learning guitar, bass and piano at the age of only 9 years old.  

Ben also runs his own independent record label called ‘BUFU’ which has helped launch deals for several budding bands around the world. This proves how much of a humble and extraordinary gentleman Ben Katzman is.

Degreasers new album titled ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ is a mixture of steady and fast tempo tracks that are guaranteed to blow your mind, and if not, your speakers. Be sure to check that out on their Soundcloud (link at the bottom of article) around the 12th July.

So if you haven’t had your fair share of shredding (or intricate styles of play as we established earlier) please do check out the links below, as they are an excellent band with an exciting future ahead!

Words: James Cane | @DJJAMESCANE

Sugarspun Are Telling You To Follow Your Dreams With Brand New Single ‘Spaceman Dreams’



A band that have been hard at work have emerged from the dark, or otherwise known as Cumbria, to bring audiences the best and freshest sounds in indie pop-rock.

Sugarspun are a band that are guaranteed to give you the best sounds  that they can conjure up, and with a loyal and dedicated fan base constantly growing ever since the early days of the acoustic duo that would eventually end up being a fully fledged 5 piece band.

The new single ‘Spaceman Dreams’ will be available to purchase on the 6th April, already has music lovers and listeners begging for more.

So be sure to check them out:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sugarspunmusic

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bYUK7pM1E0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sugarspunmusic/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sugarspunmusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sugarspun_music/

‘Belinda’ by vintage-rockers Albino

London based vintage rock band Albino are hitting us with their new track ‘Belinda’, taken from their whiskey fuelled new album Night At The Chemist.

Yes that was whiskey! Albino’s main aim is to entertain with their rambunctious, often humorous ‘drinking’ music.

Their latest track ‘Belinda’ exudes this throwback, vintage feel that sounds like it could have come straight out of the 60’s.

Consisting of Ben Tucker (guitar/vocals), Merv ‘Fuzzy’ Salole (Bass), Gareth ‘gwEM’ Morris (guitar) and Don Gibson (percussion), Albino’s sole aim is to entertain with their rambunctious, often humorous ‘drinking’ music. As the main songwriter in the outfit, Ben is the driving inspirational force, tapping into a deep well of life experiences that draw on topics as diverse as love, deviancy, distrust of priests, historical events and of course, drinking.

Since they began in 2005, Albino has undergone a musical metamorphosis, travelling a long way from their humble beginnings, but now, the off-the-wall band has cemented their style and truly found their own sound. Whilst Albino’s eclectic and multi-talented musical line up has changed over the years, this latest track proves their musical direction, commitment and energy has always remained constant.

You can check out more on Albino here:






Eden Royals Return with New EP

Essex based indie-pop quartet, Eden Royals, are back exploring the ‘getting by’ lifestyle of the everyday in their new EP, Time Won’t Wait.

It’s been over a year since the band last released a track, but they’ve stuck to their guitar led sound, full of pop hooks and nifty musicianship. All this paired with the well-crafted lyrics of front-man, Lloyd Buck, make for a potent musical combination.

Over the past year, the boys have been touring in America with 90s cult band, Third Eye Blind, and they’ve even performed on the same stage as Bastille and King Krule back in 2015 at Liverpool Sound City Festival. Constantly building their live experiences, you know that Eden Royals will be set to share their new EP on the stage when it comes out March 10th.

With varying musical backgrounds, the boys each bring something different to the set up of the band. John has experience playing in a Beatles tribute band, whilst Lloyd has found fame featuring in music videos for Paul McCartney and Pete Doherty. However, as a band, Eden Royals have seen themselves on BBC Introducing Essex and This Morning.

The EP isn’t out yet but you can watch the video for Eden Royals’ last single ‘Close To The Sun’ here:









Wiyaala, the superstar Ghanaian songstress, often compared to Angelique Kidjo and Grace Jones, has taken a brave step by creating a new annual music festival in the remote town of Wa in the Upper West Region set to take place on the 23rd of December.

Watch the stunning new video for Kandibanye (Had I Known) which was shot in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.


Known as the Djimba World Music Festival, the singer aka, the “Young Lioness of Africa” says: “I grew up in the region and it is very under represented. By starting the festival, I hope to shine a light on the music and art that exists in this part of Africa.  The north has a wealth of talent which is just not getting seen or heard. The festival is one of a number of steps I’m taking to encourage our musicians to showcase their talent to the world and to attract visitors to come and experience our unique way of life”

The effervescent singer, who will release her second album next year, added she was inspired to start the festival after performing at festivals in Europe including the world famous WOMAD Arts festival. “Glastonbury started with an audience of just 1500 people and I don’t see why we can’t manage at least that number and grow in years to come”

This year, Wiyaala will headline the maiden edition festival along with the Djimba World Band. Other acts appearing include, the traditional musician Stevo Atimbre in the style of the renowned King Ayisoba from the Upper East of Ghana. Reggie artist Jah Bone, local rap acts Samson B and Ghally are amongst the names also on the bill.

The festival takes place on the 23rd December at the Community Centre, Wa, in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Tickets are GHS 10 (£2) VIP (£4).

More info: https://web.facebook.com/DjimbaWorldMusicFestival/

Stream the single ‘Timbanayi’ from the album here on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wiyaala/tinambanyi-here-we-come






Leat Haber – Wait For Me Review


With a great video, that was actually funded by a crowd funding page, Leat introduces us to her new single Wait For Me, be prepared to be taken back to the era of real music, the 50s’ and 60s’ inspired track really does transport you, Leat even uses vintage recording techniques to recreate that authentic sound.

Leat could easily be compared to greats such as Amy Winehouse, Duffy and similar artists, with the tone of her voice they are easily comparible.

Leat is a self-proclaimed feminist and independent woman, and is very typically Israelian, a strong woman, this may also be because she spent two years in the army as it is mandatory in Israel, it  also comes across in her music and performance style, even performing at eight and a half months pregnant whilst a war started in Israel, sirens went off before the performance warning them, but in her own words Leat explains ‘as I was so far along with my pregnancy, I couldn’t delay, and although we had a war outside, the club was full of people, it was a night to remember.’

Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla to release Christmas single ‘Noel Nouvelet’





Fuelled by five instrumentalists, Joe O’Donnell’s Shkayla blend Celtic, jazz and Indian musical influences to form a completely unique sound for their single ‘Noel Nouvelet’ released 7th November.


Gaodhal’s Vision live trailer:


In 1996 O’Donnell moved to Coventry where he became aware of the Coventry Carol and whilst touring Brittany learnt the traditional Christmas carol ‘Noel Nouvelet’. He decided to blend the two.


After staging and producing ‘St. Patrick Goes To The Punjab’ at Albany Theatre, Shkayla are returning to headline Asian music and dance event ‘Fire and Light’. It’s expected that O’Donnell will be using his self manufactured 8 string Ceramic violin, giving the group that unique combination of mediaeval English and Indian music.

In the past the four musicians have worked alongside artists such as Rory Gallagher, Thin Lizzie and Terry and Gay Woods.


Glorious Emotive Anthem From Next Superstar Alternative Metal Band We Are The Catalyst

Featuring guitar textures that are totally unparalleled by nearly every other band of the genre We Are The Catalyst have got a unique sound purely just from the sheer scale of their guitar production. Taking them to a new level though are the immense female vocals that sit on top of the intense low backing. Effortlessly the vocal delivery imparts a great deal of emotion upon the audience, though I feel this track is best appreciated alone. That being said the anthem like sound of it all means that the track would be felt and shown in terms sheer synergy and harmonious movement at any huge rock festival.

With the interesting use of modern synthesis the track has more commercial potential than most current metal bands particular with their female vocals. The catchy backing vocal/speech motifs in the breakdowns keep people on their toes waiting for the next huge explosion of sound and emotion. Staying true to their vision and their name, We Are The Catalyst have created another moving and stunning piece of globally tangible music. Through the medium of music they have been able to create music that people can listen to, relate to and release their stresses and pains.

Fantastically produced, mixed and mastered, the sonic side of this track is nothing short of excellent. With no pumping or artefacts from over distortion the real skill and intelligence of this band is displayed. Especially with guitars and vocals as huge as theirs its incredible that they could fit the punchy drums in.






Adam Lancely review

‘Post cards from then’ from the impressive Adam Lancely features his unique sound. Layered under his free sounding vocals are strong, punchy guitars and thumping drums.

The lead track ‘Wish you Were Here’ builds nicely and gains momentum as the song progresses. Another track featuring on the album is ‘The Dream of Yesterday’ which features a modern mix of electric guitar and harpsichord sounding techno backing. ‘Rose Tinted Days’ is the most pop-rock sounding of all the tracks, with funky melodies is it ear catching and memorable long after hearing it.

Deliberately relying on an old-skool production style and using unconventional instrumentation, his new colourful album ‘Post Cards from Then’ is a must-listen for anyone looking for something a outside of today’s music scene.