Dubai born and based rock artist Bull Funk Zoo is really pushing the boundaries of rock with his unique second album ‘Dangerous Radio’ which is set for release mid September.  The album takes the listener on a journey through the themes of sex, rock, blues and funk. The sound running throughout the whole album is reminiscent of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Sex Pistols but is also distinctly recognisable as Assaad’s sound.

He has already formed collabs with Gorillaz and Wu Tan Clan but this new musical venture has allowed Assaad to go solo producing and performing the whole album entirely by himself.

All the tracks are filled with funky guitar riffs and strong powerful vocals contrasted with interesting melodies. Overall, a nice rock inspired album with some tracks that I will add to my playlists. Check out Bull Funk Zoo’s upcoming tour dates too, I am sure his most recent album will heavily feature in his set list.











Gig Dates:

Oct 26th, album launch Halloween weekend at Stereo Arcade

Nov Date TBC, Beats On The Beach festival.

December 16th, Dubai Marina Festival, we are headlining on main stage

Dec 23rd at Dubai Airport Live music.

Dec Date TBC, D3 festival

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